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Cardiologist Unveils Technique to Help Reduce the Risk of the Misdiagnosis of Hypertension


Evidence suggests that blood pressure measurements during physical examinations in doctors' offices can be inaccurate due to multiple factors.

Saint Francis Hospital cardiologist Dr. Robert Smith unveils the findings of his retrospective study and highlight the device behind his methodology.

Consider this

An inaccurate diagnosis of high blood pressure could lead to:

  • The over-prescribing blood pressure-lowering medication, which may result in adverse events associated with hypertension;

  • The prescription of lifestyle changes for patients who may not truly be suffering from blood pressure-related conditions;

  • Additional modifications in the patients’ quality of life.

Presented By

Dr. Robert Smith

Saint Francis Hospital

Pooja Sinha

Manager, Vital Signs Solutions
Welch Allyn

Download the Study

Blood Pressure Averaging Methodology: Decreasing the Rate of Misdiagnosing Hypertension

Data Collection: Dr. Robert Smith, Analysis: David Quinn, Shawn St. Pierre and Pooja Sinha