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“Focusing on What’s Vital” Webinar

Focusing on What's Vital:
Automating Vitals to Improve Patient Care at Oshawa Clinic

Webinar Overview

Learn how Oshawa Clinic saw more patients, more quickly—and improved clinician and patient satisfaction at the same time—by automating vitals documentation.

COO Keith White will outline the study he led to compare time savings and clinician satisfaction with manual versus automated vitals documentation. White also will share advice on gaining organizational buy-in for automation—and why his organization will never go back to manual vitals documentation.

Want to learn more?
Download the case study.

Read more about how Oshawa Clinic undertook a study to learn whether automating vital signs documentation would save clinicians time, as well as improve patient and clinician satisfaction.

(Spoiler alert: It did.)

Download the case study