Hillrom 900 Bed
Improve patient outcomes through early mobilization, simplify caregiver tasks and enjoy intuitive operation with the Hillrom 900 Bed.

Hillrom 900 Bed

Improve Patient Safety and Simplify Tasks.


The Hillrom® 900 bed offers maximum functionality with minimal complexity. Spend less time and energy operating the bed and more time focusing on essential tasks, such as mobilising your patients and ensuring their safety.


The Hillrom 900 Bed is designed with maximum functionality, minimal complexity and the longevity your care setting needs. We’ve extensively tested the bed beyond regulation to stand up to frequent use and movement, ensuring your investment is the correct one. Improve patient outcomes through early mobilization, simplify caregiver tasks and enjoy intuitive operation. 

Build Quality

Durable and Reliable – Extensive quality testing ensures your investment is the right one.  

Simplified Tasks 

Easychair™ – A single button press articulates the bed into a chair position in preparation for further stages of patient mobilisation. 

One Touch Egress Function – Articulate the bed into the ideal position for patient egress and ingress with the single-press side egress button. 

Optional Integrated X-Ray Facility – Take thoracic X-rays without having to move the patient with this optional feature. 

Intuitive Controls – Simplified bed operation frees up more time to care. 

Improved Safety 

3-Mode Bed Exit Alarm – Be notified when fall risk patients attempt to the leave the safe zone of the bed.  This solution alerts you localised to the bed so an intervention can take place. 

Slideguard® Technology – Reposition patients less frequently and improve their comfort by reducing migration. 


Simplified caregiver tasks free up more time to deliver quality care.

Improved Safety

Reposition patients less frequently with Slideguard technology. Bed Exit Alarm alerts you localised to the bed when a fall risk patient attempts to leave the safe zone without support.


Bed frame is reliable and long-lasting.


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